Gemstones course provides extensive and in-depth knowledge on the gemological world of precious stones , gem identification features and differentiation between natural  and synthetic stones.

The Diagnosis practical course is equipet with the most advanced equipment in the industry that allows identification of various gems .


Content of Course

  1. Introduction: the appearance of a gem in nature.
  2. Crystallography: various crystallization methods, identification of crystals with external characteristics. 
  3. Hardness: the hardness scale like (MOH) and its implications on the direction of polishing. 
  4. Optics: refraction angles of light material and light transmission, birefringence, the optical axis, types of polarization,  polarization color. 
  5. Spectroscopy: color spectrum and UV characteristic.
  6. Specific gravity: Definition, hydrostatic method.
  7. Inclusions: What are the inclusions? Type inclusions, inclusions characteristic of different stones from various sources. 
  8. The optical phenomena: star, cat's eye, color replacement, game colors and more. 
  9. Color Gems: what is color? how does  the color of gemstones effect  the stone's value?
  10. Gem treatment:: What are the different treatments? methods of detection of treated stones? 
  11. The leading stone: corundum - Ruby and Sapphire, Beryl - Emerald (main sources, history, gemological analysis, characteristic features, treatments). 
  12. Other gems: about 35 common jewels from the jewelry industry. The main types, commercial importance, identifying ways, primary sources, similar stones and imitations. Production of synthetic gemstones and identification of therapeutic improvement. 
  13. Diamond: History, processing, Diamond Identification, Evaluation of polished diamonds, color, clarity, proportions, shapes and different cutting treatments, imitations, gemological certificate analysis, evaluation and calculation of price by Board Rappaport. 
  14. Organic materials: pearls, Anbrim, ivory, tortoiseshell, coral.
  15. Final test

Target Group

Gemstones traders,Diamond traders, Diamond experts, appraisers, Jewellers, designer, Sales managers, owners, buyers and job seekers in the diamond industry, Diamond and jewellery-lovers.

Terms of receiving certificate

Theoretical examination+ Practical examination.

Course Hours

Twice a week from 9:00 to 14:00 for a month and a half or Once a week from 15:00 to 19:00 for 3 months.

Registration for the course is subject to the regulations


Language Location Price ID Coruse Note
Hebrew Ramat Gan 14,000.00 ₪ GCG00001 Course price includes Silver Course Register
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